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Some things our adopters had to say


"Ziggy is wonderful! I wanted to compliment you on how well-adjusted he is.  I can tell Ziggy has been thoroughly loved and supported through his development as a kitten.  He knows not to play rough or bite, and he is a pleasure to have around.  He is getting used to my cuddles and kisses and he's so polite about that....he just puts his paws up to my face and holds it away LOL. I've dealt a lot with animals in my life as a vet nurse and he really is a credit to your love, devotion and knowledge.


Tommi and family

From Bunbury, Western Australia

3 April 2019




"Where do we start? Eve is the consummate example of an excellent, ethical breeder who is totally passionate about her love of the Siamese and Oriental breed.


The level of communication - right from day one when they are born, complete with excellent photos at regular intervals along the way - kept us reassured about the progress of our baby.


Eve's careful choice of quality breeding cats made the decision to choose one of her babies very easy. Andante is an excellent example of a top show quality oriental. We are so happy to be part of the Startrill family."


♥ Inge and Martin

From Gold Coast, Queensland

20 April 2018




"When we had to say goodbye to our much loved Siamese after 17 years it was devastating.  We decided life was so empty without a dear little cat.

We were overjoyed to discover the Startrill Siamese website and contacted lovely Eve who is dedicated to her cats. Having bred Siamese ourselves many years ago, we are deeply impressed by the way Eve conducts her practice. The golden secret is the way her cats and kittens interact with humans as part of the family. They are not nervous, they are very friendly and so happy, a sign of a top breeder.

We love our Tiger Lily so much - everything you could wish for in a kitten. If you are planning on the joy of a little kitten then don't look any further than Startrill. You will be dealing with a first class breeder in every respect."

Ken, Cindy and Tiger Lily

From Perth, Western Australia

9 May 2018





"So blessed to become a member of the Startrill family. Eve is so lovely and provides ongoing support for all her babies. I really could become the epitome of the crazy cat lady every time I see the newest additions.

Thank you Eve - your information, updates and support affirm our choice for adoption."

Susan & Barry

From Mandurah, Western Australia

20 March 2018

"Decker is such a joy. I have never experienced such affection from a cat before.  He is such a beautiful little baby, so cuddly and full of love - a credit to his breeder."



from Perth, Western Australia

12 July 2017



"We are so happy to have a Startrill addition to our family. The love and dedication given to our Dashi Dukat in his early weeks absolutely shines through in his personality and temperament. we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful boy from this phenomenal Startrill family."

Ian and family

from Bassendean, Western Australia

1 July 2017

"Aristotle is a very happy soul. He follows us everywhere. He is the most people-centric cat I have ever had the luck to befriend. He is a VERY smart cat. I've had cats my whole life and he's amazing. It's definitely in his genes and he came from a good home."


Tim and Louise

from North Lake, Western Australia

27 February 2017



"We would like to thank Eve for our beautiful kittens Darcy and Sasha. They are very social, happy, healthy and loving kittens and are so gentle with my children.


My children are just so happy to have them and they get carried around and played with constantly which the kittens love.


They have fitted in so well with our family and we are so grateful to have found such perfect kittens.


The adoption process was very clear and well organised and her ongoing support has been amazing.


One of the reasons why I chose Startrill Siamese was Eve's commitment to breeding healthy Siamese kittens. I lost my last Siamese through heart disease and it was devastating, so to have the peace of mind of the parent cats being DNA tested and cleared of major genetic diseases was a big plus for us.


Startrill Siamese produce the most beautiful, social Siamese kittens and I would highly recommend them.


Thank you Eve."



Natasha, Matthew, Mackenzie and Ava 

from Rossmoyne, Western Australia

14 July 2016






"We adopted two beautiful Siamese kittens from Eve.  They have brought so much joy into our lives.


We live in Adelaide, and Eve arranged pet travel for us. Communication has been excellent and ongoing support provided.


Our kittens are well socialised, extremely playful and very affectionate.

We highly recommend Startrill Siamese."



Sally and Daniel

from Adelaide, South Australia

7 July 2016





"Thank you Startrill Siamese.  Mawson has been the most wonderful addition to the family - he is so well-adjusted and such a people loving social cat that it is hard not to think of him as more dog than cat.


He loves playing fetch with his favourite mouse toy. He can play that endlessly.  Apart from loving his playtime and cuddles he seems to listen and will come when called. He only claws his scratching post and not the furniture.


People comment constantly about how beautiful he is with those blue eyes.  He is perfect.


Thank you so much."



Stuart from Perth

Western Australia

4 April 2016





"I recently adopted a seal point kitten from Startrill Siamese.  I found the adoption process developed by Eve to be very worthwhile.  It clearly set out the responsiblities of each party and how they were to be acted upon.  It also gave me an opportunity to meet with the kitten before the actual adoption took place. Other important factors such as feeding regimes, vaccination requirements and other cat health issues were also clearly explained and documented.  Follow-up contact after the adoption to check on progress was also excellent as was the food and toy parcel.  Six weeks insurance cover was also provided.


I would have no hesitation recommending Startrill Siamese as an ideal place to adopt a kitten."



Catherine from Bedfordale

Western Australia

28 January 2016

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