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Our Orientals

Our Queens

Grand Champion Sinopia Zarabeth Dax is a Chocolate Spotted Tabby Oriental Shorthair. She has had an excellent show career in 2016 and is now focused on being a lounge cat and a mum.

Zarabeth carries the cinnamon gene and potentially could have babies who are  cinnamon Siamese and Cinnamon

Oriental, depending on the Sire.

Thank you to Ellen (Trish) Scofield and Kaihau Maikara for trusting Startrill to love her and to provide her a loving home.

Above and left: Zarabeth Dax when she first came home. Calm and regal!


Below: Zarabeth showing her fine form at a show

Ashrose Nalah Nya Gracie Dax is our beautiful lilac self Oriental Shorthair. Gracie carries the cinnamon gene and could potentially have cinnamon or fawn babies, depending on the sire.

Thank you Margaret Cowell for allowing your stunning girl to reside in our home.

Gracie had her first litter of babies in late 2019 with our Juhraya Dax.

gracie and babies 1.JPG
gracie kitten home.jpg

Above: Gracie and her first litter of babies to Juhraya. Born December 2019.

Left: When she came home, winning hearts with that look.

Right: Gracie at her breeder's home. Photo used with kind permission.

gracie kitten.jpg
gracie kitten crate.jpg

At left, Gracie when she came home to Startrill Siamese.

Right: Gracie relaxing in her bedroom.

gracie adult.JPG

Retired Queen

Spice is retired and has now found her forever home with a wonderful family.

Malu Uhura Spice Dax is a Cinnamon-self Oriental.


As she is cinnamon, Spice's babies will all carry the colour cinnamon. If the sire of her babies carries cinnamon, she has a good chance of having cinnamon babies.

Spice comes to us from Lynda Roper.  Thank you Lynda for trusting Startill to love her and provide her a loving home.

Above: Breeder photo of Spice as a young kitten, published with kind permission.

Left, above and top right: Spice as a kitten.

Right: Spice as an adult.

Our Studs

Grand Champion Gautama Riyaaz Vulcan is a Chocolate Classic Tabby Oriental Shorthair. Vulcan came to us on a lease with restrictions. Vulcan has now been desexed and rehomed to a loving family. He continues to live the life of a pampered indoor cat.


Vulcan attended his first show on 30 October 2016 and was recognised for his excellent type. He won many awards in 2017.

He has fathered beautiful kittens for us, including our beautiful Juhraya Dax.

Startrill is indebted to Kim and Steve from Gautama for entrusting Vulcan in to our care.

Retired Stud
Vulcan has been retired from showing and breeding.
He now lives in with a wonderful family. Thanks again to Gautama for allowing us his lease. 

Vulcan at his first Show - showing off his confident personality as well as his good looks!

Left: Vulcan was awarded Best Group 2 Adult in two rings and Best in Group, CatsWA Winter Show, 25 June 2017.

Above right: Relaxing in his bedroom.

ACF AoE Bronze Grand Champion Startrill Juhraya Dax is Vulcan's son. He is the grandson of Mr Spock. At four and a half months, this boy won the titles of Best Pedigree Kitten and also Supreme Pedigree Cat in Rings 1 and 2 at the Perth Royal Show 2018.

We're so very proud of Juhraya. In 2019 he won Catswa's Best Group 2 Entire Cat and also Best Entire Cat.  

He has fathered two beautiful litters for us in 2020.

Juhraya Show Ribbons Royal 2018.jpg
Juhraya Cat Show 2_Ring 1.jpg
Juhraya Cat Show.jpg
Juhraya Cat Show 2_Ring 2.jpg

A selection of photos from the Perth Royal Show 2018.

Judging Juhraya are Michael Schleissner (Germany, CFA) in Ring 2 and Ros Chapman (South Africa, SACC) in RIng 1.

Juhraya is an affectionate boy and a pleasure to handle on the show bench.

Juhraya Cat Show 1_Ring 1.jpg
Juhraya Cat Show 3_Ring 2.jpg
Juhraya Cat Show 1_Ring 2.jpg

Juhraya is now the proud father of his first litter to Gracie.

We are hopeful that he will have further litters, with both Gracie and Zarabeth in the future.

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