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Our Siamese

All our cats are named with a Star Trek theme, including our dogs! Our story started with one Chocolate Point Boy, named Jadzia Dax (RIP) who thought he was a dog and sometimes acted like a human. Jadzia's best friends then included Ezri Dax a longhair Burmilla, Trekkie Gelfling a red & white Papillon (RIP), Tribble-Joey a black and white Papillon (RIP), and Trilogy, a red & white Papillon.


The sadness of Jadzia's death motivated us to ensure our cats live long with us, with a high standard of breed conformation through their progeny, and so our journey commenced as a registered breeder.



Our Studs

Luca is retired from showing and now resides at Katrajulis Kats.

Diamond Grand Champion Scallywags Jean-Luc Dax is a Lilac Point Siamese and lives in his own bedroom where he can observe the wild birds flit amongst the fruit trees from his hammock and window sills. Luca, as he is known, was born on 10 November 2014. Luca has fathered three litters for Startrill Siamese.


Thank you to Lyn Hales, Scallywags, who bred Luca and trusted Startrill to love him and provide his loving home.

Above and Below: Luca as an adult attending a Cat Show. Alert and resting!

Above: Luca as a kitten.

Photo by Lyn Hales.

Used with kind permisson.

ACF Silver AoE Gold Grand Champion Hareem Leonardos Legacy is the pedigree name of our boy Mr Spock.

Mr Spock is a Blue Silver Bicolour Tabby Siamese. He comes to us from his breeder, Jan Biddle, Hareem.

Mr Spock attended three shows in late 2016 as a kitten, won several awards and continued to excel from there. His excellent form is also a reflection of his lines from Shimmeree Cats and Syana Cats.

Thank you all for trusting Startrill to love him and provide his loving home.

Above: Mr Spock at 2016 shows. His lovely show set comes from Catz Matz. 

Our Queens

Champion Ashrose Lela Dax

is a Seal Point Siamese. Lela had a break from motherhood in 2017 and had her third litter in January 2018.


Lela has the run of the house and also lives in a shared bedroom (previously known as the Study!) but mostly enjoys sleeping on her human Mum's bed.


Thank you to Margaret Cowell, Ashrose, who bred Lela and trusted Startrill to love her and provide her loving home.



Above: Lela as a kitten at a Cat Show.

Retired Queen

Lela is now retired and lives in a loving home with her family. She is doted on and loves the attention.

Above: Lela at a CatsWA Show in 2015 where she placed Best Entire Siamese in both rings.

Startrill Droxine Dax is Lela's daughter from her first litter. Droxine is a Chocolate Point Siamese. She is delightful in every way and her loving temperament has passed on to all her babies.

Above: Droxine Dax showing off her beautiful Siamese form at her first Cat Show.  Look at that super-long tail!

Above: A wonderful mum - with her first litter.

Grand Champion Startrill Star Dax is Cutie's daughter, Zarabeth's granddaughter and Mr Spock's daughter. Star was hand-fed for many weeks and she surprised by not only thriving, but blossoming into the beautiful cat that she is.

Star is a Caramel Ticked Tabby Bicolour (blue based) Siamese. Her show set here is by Catz Matz.
Star show cage 2_edited.jpg
Star Baby 1_edited.jpg

Above: Some of the awards our cats have won at Cat Shows, proving excellent type.

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