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Things you should know about

adopting a Startrill kitten

All cats in our home have been tested clear of FIV (Feline AIDS) and FeLV (Feline Leukemia).  Subsequently all kittens are guaranteed to be free of these deadly diseases up to the point of leaving us.  We advise, if you haven't considered it, to test all your existing cats for these conditions.  This will give you peace of mind that your existing cats are clear and also cannot infect your newly adopted kitten. 


Our Stud and Queens have also been DNA tested and cleared of any major known genetic diseases including PKD (kidney disease) and PRA (a degenerative eyesight condition), meaning your kitten is less likely to suffer from diseases their parents are cleared of.


Your kitten will be vaccinated twice with F3 vaccine, microchipped, wormed (Milbemax) and Revolutioned. He or she will be vet checked a minimum of three times.


Your kitten will be desexed prior to leaving us for your home.


Kittens will only leave us when they are between 14 to 16 weeks old. This is dependant on our assessment of their recovery from desexing.


We provide FREE to you - Six weeks of health insurance so your new furbaby will be covered at least while they settle in to your home.  This is especially important for them in new surroundings and if you have other cats and dogs.


Your kitten will be socialised with dogs ensuring an easier transition if you have existing dogs.  He or she will be used to normal household noises such as the TV, microwave and vacuum cleaner (although in our experience our cats hate the vacuum with a passion anyway!).


Your kitten has been raised on premium wet and dry food and you will be provided with a FREE sample of Royal Canin dry kitten food, a FREE box of Royal Canin wet kitten food and a Royal Canin kitten information pack with a free bag of food (posted by Royal Canin) and additional discount food offer.


You will also receive the pedigree paper for your kitten - registered with CatsWA - showing you as the new owner.  This is your kitten's birth certificate and his or her birthright.


Also provided with your kitten:


* A large multi-purpose Startrill Siamese tote bag - handy for all those kitten things!

* A new blanket with the litter's scent to comfort kitten; sprayed with Feliway

* A variety of new toys to call their own

* Our full and on-going support and advice about anything regarding your new





(eg. PP10 or PP20)


Interstate travel for your new kitten can be arranged.



We are a small hobby breeder South of the Perth metropolitan area, Western Australia, and attend several local cat Shows during the year. We love and promote the Siamese and Oriental Shorthair breeds and want to share with you the joy they bring.  We breed for love, health and conformation to the breed standards.  We are happy to meet you at a local show, or you may contact us via Email.


Please contact Eve at


If you are interested in a kitten, please tell us a little about yourself, the home environment you are currently in - kids, cats or dogs and whether your cat/s will be contained inside the home or will have access to an outdoor enclosure.




Pure Joy

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